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About Us is a web-site created for the purpose of educating anyone seeking information on the multitude of Mortgage Calculators and their respective programs on the market today!

Working your monthly payment on a mortgage calculator is always the obvious first step with anyone seeking a mortgage. Online Mortgage Calculators are great to work up your monthly payment and a few other calculations too!

But very few people really understand the program associated with the numbers they input on the Mortgage Calculator. They blindly select a mortgage without realizing the consequences that follow that particular program.

We hope to provide a quick and simple guide that offers you tips and strategies to the more popular and searched out programs on the market. This will enable you to quickly and efficiently make the best mortgage decision for you!

We will offer recommendations to other sites that can assist you which are highly regarded in the Mortgage Industry because of their clarity in presentation on the subject matter!

We will direct you to "user friendly" web-sites. These are sites that simple and direct.... not confusing. Sites in our opinion which will offer you "real value" in what you are searching for!

We have successfully worked all types of mortgage transactions for a multitude of buyers. From the loan underwriting process to a standard mortgage to FHA, VA, non-conforming, bad credit loans, and many other transactions as well!

We have an extensive education with all facets of the loan process!

We hold classes on "Understanding the Mortgage Process" which we presently teach at the local schools to help people learn the sometime confusing aspect of Mortgages.

Our desire is to simplify what seems to be a mystery in this industry and to present it to people in a clear and concise way.

"Thank You" and we hope you enjoy our web site.

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