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Learn How 80-20 Mortgage Calculator Tips give you a Better Mortgage Program!

80-20 mortgage calculator


The 80-20 Mortgage Calculator has become extremely popular over the last five years or so. In fact it could be one of the most popular first time home buyer programs on the market today!

What is an 80-20 Loan Mortgage Calculator Program?

An 80-20 Mortgage Loan basically is (2) loans executed at the same time for the full value of the home. The 80 stands for the 80% first mortgage and the 20% represents the second loan or second mortgage. Added together they equal 100% of the value of the home!


Why would this be a good way to finance a home?

If you do not have much of a down payment then this is a good way to not pay PMI insurance in your payment. This would help keep your payment lower! An 80-20 Mortgage Calculator program offers lower payments!

PMI or "private mortgage Insurance", is a charge on a loan when there is less than a 20% down payment. The less a down payment someone has, the more PMI they would pay.

The old fashioned way would be if someone had a 5% down payment, then they would get a loan for 95% of the value of the home. They would then have to pay PMI insurance as part of their payment at a factor for a 95% loan amount.


On a $95,000 loan with a 5% down payment the PMI portion of the payment would equal 61.75month. The first mortgage is the main mortgage on the loan and that is the one that the PMI is paid on.

20% is the Second Mortgage on an 80-20 loan.

Second mortgages are also liens on the property but lenders are willing to loan more on these loans without requiring any PMI insurance.

Many people, after they have lived in their houses for a while and built up equity, borrow a second mortgage against their home for a variety of reasons. Most notably for home improvements.

"It has just been recently that lenders have allowed the two loans to be taken out simultaneously so that people who have good credit do not have to make much if any down payment!"


Variety of 80-20 Mortgage Loan Calculator Programs!

Their are variations of the 80-20 mortgage calculator Program, but they are all basically to eliminate PMI insurance from the payment. One such loan is an 80/15/5. This breaks down to an 80% first loan(therefore no PMI) a 15% second mortgage and then the buyer would put down 5% of their own money for the down payment.


On an 80-20 Mortgage Calculator Program you will pay an increased rate on the first mortgage!

Maybe a quarter point higher! The second mortgage will also be at a significantly higher rate. As much as a 1% to 1.5% higher!

However on a loan with a small down payment, this trade off is still desirable. The PMI factor on zero to 5% down payment loans is very high and your payment would still be lower on a 80-20 Mortgage Calculator Program!

Secondly, the interest is usually tax deductible which creates an additional savings while PMI insurance is not tax deductible!


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